July 11, 2023

Are Your Posters Up to Date?

Workplace experts are advising businesses to check on the required federal posters they display at their businesses. Some recent regulatory changes have led to poster modifications this year, and HR departments need to review the rules and post the latest notices.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination Is Illegal poster now includes the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act in effect as of June 27.

Laws relating to pumping breaks for nursing employees used to apply only to nonexempt workers, says the SHRM. They now apply to exempt workers as well. The Labor Department has updated the relevant FLSA poster to reflect this.

Employers now see a third significant change, with a new FMLA poster that clarifies that even though an FMLA leave is unpaid, companies may require employees to use employer-provided paid leave at the same time, according to the SHRM.

Work closely with us or HR experts to make sure you’re following all the federal and local poster rules, which can be complicated. We’ll ensure you have the proper poster for your particular situation. Some states, for example, may require bilingual posters. Whatever your requirements, be aware that the government can impose stiff penalties for noncompliance.

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