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We bring the expertise and objective insight you need to gain an inclusive understanding of your challenges and opportunities.

After years of experience working closely with hundreds of companies in all business lifecycle phases, Hobe & Lucas knows what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, we know why. We bring the expertise and objective insight you need to gain an inclusive understanding of your challenges and opportunities.  Our team can help you achieve your goals and find that competitive advantage. We start with astute observations, analyze the particulars of your operations and ultimately distill our findings into an actionable strategy tailored to your needs.


We are equipped to advise you from business startup through sale or succession. Whether franchising, operating a family business or leading a practice, our team of experienced business and financial management consultants will help you identify and choose the right options for you and your business. We can assist with:

Planning makes the difference between operating a business and operating a successful business.

Our Expert Business Consultants

Planning makes the difference between operating a business and operating a successful business.


Jerry has transitioned into a new role at Hobe & Lucas, relinquishing his responsibilities for the day-to-day financial management of the firm. He continues to be actively employed as an adviser to the firm and its clients.


Bill has more than 30 years of accounting and consulting experience. He specializes in several areas, including construction accounting, manufacturing accounting, and sales and use tax consulting.


Jim oversees Hobe & Lucas’ accounting and audit practices. He also works in the accounting, tax and audit practices. In addition, he works with litigation support services, and performs due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.


In her 25 plus years at Hobe & Lucas, Lisa has developed many long-term client relationships. She specializes in auditing, attestation, compliance and accounting services; focusing on a number of industries including broker dealers, investment companies and other financial service companies, not-for-profits; medical and dental groups; and professional service firms. She also has significant experience working with employee benefit plans, and clients within the construction and manufacturing industries. Lisa is also in charge of recruiting and human resources functions at the firm.


Louis joined Hobe & Lucas in 1998.  Through personalized service, he helps clients achieve their strategic, financial, and personal goals by first building effective relationships with clients through trust and dependability.


Lawrence began his career as a utilities analyst more than 25 years ago, transitioning to public accounting in 1992. Lawrence lives by the philosophy that accountants are storytellers—accountants tell the story of where an individual, family or business has been.

James Chase, CPA, MT

Jim has over 25 years of accounting knowledge and experience specializing in audits and tax services of small to medium sized businesses.

Jorge Suarez, CPA

Jorge handles accounting, tax and other services for clients of varying size and complexity, mostly in manufacturing, construction and retail. He has been in public accounting since 1996.

Logan Hundley, CPA

Logan joined Hobe & Lucas in January of 2018. He works with a range of clients, providing tax, attest, and accounting services.

Pat Lysobey, CPA

Patrick is a senior tax executive with twenty-six years of tax and accounting experience, and strong technical and communication skills. He has extensive knowledge of current tax laws and is adept at recognizing and developing new planning strategies in response to changes in the law.

Thad Popchak

Thad has been working with an extensive range of clients since 1998, providing tax, attest and accounting services.

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We pride ourselves on our unparalleled array of specialties, as well as the quality of work and value we provide across a number of business segments.

Hobe & Lucas Certified Public Accountants, Inc. is a full-service accounting and business consulting firm dedicated to providing clients with exceptional value.

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