July 21, 2015

Bridging the Gap between Accounting and Technology: Having an Interpreter Makes All the Difference

by: Louis Loparo, CPA, CITP

We all know that communication is difficult when you don’t understand the language. When it comes to technology and accounting, business owners face a similar problem.  There is a gap between the services provided by their IT company and the services provided by their CPA.

As running a business (and subsequently handling complex finances) becomes increasingly technology-driven, the need to bridge gaps in understanding between the highly skilled service providers you rely upon can pose a challenge. While the professionals you trust for IT support and accounting services could be the brightest in their respective fields, there will almost always be a knowledge gap that is tough to surmount. It’s a gap that can cause confusion, delays, mistakes and a host of other problems. It’s also a gap that we recognize needs to be filled.

It’s for this reason that we have a specific accounting technology department headed by a rare breed of professional—a CPA that also holds a highly exclusive Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) designation. The CITP credential is a specialized designation that identifies CPAs with the unique ability to bridge the intellectual gap between a business’s finance and technology specifics.  It also signifies that a professional bearing the CITP distinction has met the strict requirements for CPA licensure and has undergone additional rigorous training in topic areas such as “Emerging Trends”, “IT Assurance and Risk”, “Business Solutions”, “Data Analytics” and “Security and Privacy”.

Hobe & Lucas has always been dedicated to understanding its clients’ businesses and specific accounting needs, and the existence of our accounting technology department aligns seamlessly with that vision. We have always sought to improve business outcomes by tapping into a wealth of knowledge, and that knowledge includes not only what financial practices will serve you best, but what technology will most effectively fulfill your needs.

So how can we help in this regard? With a deep knowledge of software, such as all QuickBooks and Sage products, various database systems, Microsoft Office, and a host of other industry-specific software packages , we can assist with challenges such as:

  •       Accounting system conversion, implementation, integration, clean-up, project management and training
  •       Integration of cloud-based accounting solutions
  •       Data mining, analysis and reporting
  •       Development of budgeting spreadsheets, programs and tools
  •       Creation of automated business forms
  •       Assistance with specialized reporting
  •       Provision of cost-effective, technology-driven solutions for everyday problems

For further illustration of how we’ve already assisted businesses in overcoming their accounting technology hurdles, consider some actual client examples.

As many have found, sometimes having an interpreter that speaks multiple discipline-specific languages is the key to getting the most out of your operations and partnerships. We’re willing to prove it, too.

Have technology hurdles or related inefficiencies in mind?  Call us at 216.524.8900 for a free consultation, and our accounting technology professionals will be happy to translate.

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