February 5, 2016

Delays in Tax Refunds are Possible Again This Tax Season

By: Mario Ciclone

The IRS has informed that delays in tax refunds will be primarily due to the continued increase in cases of identity theft and income tax fraud. One common type of identity theft and tax fraud is someone attempting to file a tax return using your social security number and claiming a false refund.

Many states, like Ohio, are working to mitigate the risk of fraud by requiring random taxpayers to take an identity quiz before they receive their refund. The taxpayers are required to answer personal questions to verify his or her identity. Once passed, the return gets processed along with the refund. A taxpayer who fails the quiz multiple times is advised to contact the Ohio Department of Taxation.

We have received many questions from clients over the past year as they were receiving these letters from the Ohio Department of Taxation. If you are selected to complete the identity confirmation quiz, please be advised that it is a legitimate request. Failing to take the quiz will result in your tax return not getting processed timely.

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